Chinese Tutor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Chinese Tutor free?

It's free to get started with Chinese Tutor. After you have unlocked 60 words, you will be prompted to subscribe. Subscription options include a free (but limited) Basic tier, or a Premium tier. ($5.99 USD/month)

See What is the difference between the Basic and Premium subscription options? for more details on the differences between the Basic and Premium tiers.

How many words can I learn with Chinese Tutor?

Chinese Tutor uses tens of thousands of words in the Flashcards and Speaking Practice sections, and over a hundred thousand words can be searched in the Dictionary. The exact number of words available changes from time to time as we update Chinese Tutor to improve the quality and quantity of words.

How can I type the umlaut ü character?

Chinese Tutor works like most other Chinese input method software, using the letter "v" to represent umlaut when typing.

Example: To represent you should type nv3. (but Chinese Tutor accepts just nv, as well)

Why doesn't Chinese Tutor make me type tones?

We recognize that some students prefer to focus on learning tones through imitation rather than consciously remembering the tone of every character. Focusing on getting tones absolutely correct can also be a bit overwhelming for complete beginners to the Chinese language.

To strike a good balance, Chinese Tutor will take intonations into account if you include them in your answers. For example, the 好 flashcard will accept the answers hao or ha3o, but not the answers ha1o or ha2o.

If getting tones right is important to you, make sure to put them in your answers. That way, Chinese Tutor will let you know if you got the tones wrong.

Can I reset my progress?

Yes, you can reset your progress via the Account page.

What is the difference between the Basic and Premium subscription options?

The primary differences between the Basic Subscription and the Premium Subscription are:

  • New words are unlocked at a much slower pace for Basic subscribers.
  • Premium subscribers can create Custom Lists of words that they want to learn, for use in Flashcards and Speaking Practice.
  • Basic subscribers will see advertising on the website.
  • Premium subscribers will be able to hear voice for nearly all of the words in Chinese Tutor. Basic subscribers will hear voice for only some words.

If I am cancelling my subscription, will the remainder of the month be prorated?

When you cancel your subscription, the cancellation is not prorated, however your subscription will still have all of the Premium benefits until the end of the billing period.

Is there a Chinese Tutor app for iOS or Android?

Whilst we don't have an app for iOS or Android yet, the site works quite well in the browser of most mobile devices. Give it a try, and if you run into any issues, let us know!

What if my question isn't answered here?

Contact us and we'll get you an answer soon!